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    Text: Christina Skreiberg

    Photo: Marte Garmann 

    When food enthusiasts Cecilie Dawes and Marte Garmann showed up at Christina’s yoga classes at Factory Tøyen after hearing about it on the podcast Frilanslivet, and then grabbed a bite to eat at Håndbakt, they got an idea! "We loved the synergy and collaboration and wanted to contribute! That's why we started Community Brunch, a co-creation project," says Cecilie, who also invited chef Elizabeth Gundersen. 

    The three of them work with and have a passion for food, health, education, and storytelling, and together they have created a space to bring people together outside of their daily circles. Here, you can make new acquaintances, share warm hugs, and experience food sourced from an organic farm, prepared and served with love. The sum of it all is one of the finest things that exist, isn't it?

    The event is seasonal, held four times a year. It is hosted by Factory Tøyen and shared through Food Studio. Book by writing to post@foodstudio.no.