• Tidligere management av Lysløypa
  • Lysløypa started in 2009

    Lysløypa was started by Ola Refsnes and Kati Schauer in 2009. Around the same time they started the café 'Liebling' in Grünerløkka in Oslo. Liebling opened its doors in 2010, where they had a community table where people sat next to each other. Students sipped coffee lattes, babies could crawl on the floor, and wheelchairs could roll right in. 

    But they quickly discovered that running an independent café isn't easy, and they started Lysløypa to help other who dare to start an independent place in our city.

    14 years

    During 14 years they have published this charming book, that showcases gems around our city. 

    But then it was time for them to do other things.
    Read their farewell-words here!

  • After 14 years they have handed their baby over to Christina Skreiberg

    On a cold February day in 2023, Ola called Christina and asked if she wanted to inherit (or actually, buy) Lysløypa. Ola, Kati and Christina have known each other since the start of Liebling; around the same time she was running a small office-space for creative souls across the street. She and her freelance colleagues used to have our coffee at Liebling almost every day. 

    A lot has changed but the concept remains the same

    A lot is new since the change of ownership. But the concept remains the same! 

    Christina has chosen to give Lysløypa a new visual profile / identity. It's now bilingual (Norwegian and English). And Christina has also formed a team of contributors - so, there are many talented minds, energy, and ideas contributing to the «new» Lysløypa! And in 2025 you might see an app, as an addition to the book.

    Stay tuned! We’re looking forward to it all. And thank you to Ola and Kati for their huge efforts and for having trust and confidence in Christina – it’s an honor!

  • Profilbilde av Christina Skreiberg Lysløypa