What is Lysløypa?

  • Illustrasjon: Siri Marki

  • Lysløypa is a dining, culture and experience guide to both Oslo and Bergen - now with a brand new visual identity!

    This year's theme is 'feelgood.' We're introducing you to places that we hope will make you feel good, as well as making the Planet and other people feel good too!

     We, the creators of the Lysløypa, often reflect on what makes cities warm and vibrant.Regarding Oslo and Bergen, we’ve concluded that it’s all about the fact that: 

    • The cities have independently run places - you'll find charming and unique cafes and restaurants that don't resemble everything else.

    • The cities have people who make an effort to create community and belonging. They invite people in and create places where relationships form.

    • The cities have places that introduce us to flavors, customs, and cultures we might not be familiar with. People who show us something unfamiliar and broaden our horizons.

    • The cities have places that strive to be sustainable - sourcing from local farmers, or serving vegetarian or vegan meals, and doing what they can to have a circular business. 

    • The cities have people and places that create art and culture - which, in turn, give us new thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.

    Lysløypa is our attempt to support great initiatives. And to show you that they exist.

    We've selected 40 places in Oslo and 30 places in Bergen and put them together into a little bouquet - so that you feel the desire and inspiration to seek out and discover the city. You, who have the book, receive a nice discount at each selected place.

    PS: It won't take more than a couple of trips around town before you've saved the cost of the book!

    Shop locally. Think globally.  

    Warm regards, Christina"