• Illustrasjon av en hund foran et gult bygg produsert av Siri Mark

    Illustrasjon: Siri Marki

    • The book and vouchers are valid from December 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024. You can use your book for 13 months. 

    • Bring Lysløypa with you and show it before placing your order. 

    • You'll receive a discount when you show you book, and you’re book will be signed.

    • Lysløypa can only be used once per place.

    • If you're booking something online, use the discount code if provided, and bring Lysløypa with you when you arrive. 

    • Some digital services have discount codes without the possibility of presenting a physical book upon purchase. We trust that you are supportive, have our best interests at heart, and won't share the codes with others. We are a small business, which is the case for most of the places we collaborate with as well.

    • The cheapest of the two dishes/cups of coffees/pastries etc is the one you’ll get for free. 

    Lysløypa is not responsible for cases where the participant does not uphold, or is unable to uphold, the agreement. For example, if they are closed during a holiday or have had to close down. 

    Next year, we're considering creating an app in addition to the book. In the meantime, enjoy the analog experience.

    Please do recommend Lysløypa to a friend! They can find it at www.lysloypa.no.