Who creates Lysløypa?

  • Christina Skreiberg utgiver av Lysløypaboken sittende på en stol
  • Lysløypa has a new owner and the 2024-edition is published by Lysløypa AS, led by Christina Skreiberg

    Lysløypa has a brand new visual identity, but the concept remains the same!

    A bit of history:

    Lysløypa was founded by Ola Refsnes and Kati Schauer in 2009. At the same time, they started the café Liebling at Grünerløkka. Liebling opened its doors in 2010, where they had a community table where people could sit next to each other. They quickly discovered that running an independent café is not easy, and they started Lysløypa to help others like them – others who dare to start something on their own.

    After 14 years of running Lysløypa, they have now passed their passion project on to Christina Skreiberg, whom they've known since the beginning of Liebling and Lysløypa.

    Christina is a journalist and has initiated and managed several cultural projects with social/community focus. She runs the podcast "Frilanslivet", and in a similar spirit to Lysløypa, she has published a book titled "Hei nabo!" (Hello Neighbor!): For six years she knocked on the doors of all her neighbors in an apartment building in Tøyen and invited herself in. It resulted in a book and an exhibition—about neighborliness, community and what can happen when we say "hi."

    Together with a team of skilled and passionate contributors, Christina has given Lysløypa a new look and released this year's edition. Learn more about them here!

  • Profilbilde av Christina Skreiberg Lysløypa

    Christina Skreiberg

    Publisher / Editor / Creative Direction

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    Kristina Flølo

    Art Direction & Graphic Design

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    Siri Marki


  • Profilbilde av Thisbe Verner Carlsson

    Thisbe Verner-Carlsson 

    Project Coordinator

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    Sofia Lindqvist Peersen

    Digital Marketing & Web

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    Ida Frisch


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    Hedda E. Gray Lægreid


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