• Kvinne som jobber på Siwraw i Bergen  viser frem en kake
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    Text: Ida Frisch

    Want to learn how to make fermented foods, raw cakes, bars, and energy bites - made from local ingredients? Siw Bugge Gjerdevik is trained in nutrition and later as a chef, with a passion for raw food, which includes unprocessed or heat-treated vegan food. In addition to working as a food and nutrition teacher, she also conducts courses where you can learn to prepare raw food and gain more insight into gut flora and its importance for health, joy, and energy.

    It's hard to grasp, but our bodies actually contain more bacterial cells than our own cells. Research suggests that such bacteria and other microorganisms play a crucial role in our health. 

    Follow your gut and keep an eye out for pop-up events where Siw sells fermented treats and cakes!

    Address: Pop-up adresser, and ERA Life Senter in Bergen