Rules for using the Lysløypa

Oslo invites you!

Take a friend and the Light Trail out with you, give it to the waiter and eat or drink 2 for 1. After a couple of city tours, you've already saved the price of the book. As well as being a good reason to invite someone out with you, the Light Trail will hopefully give you inspiration, or simply a little kick in the butt, so that you will venture off the sofa to seek out new places, try new food and check out new art. Voila!

How to use the Light Trail:

Buy the Light Trail, take it with you and show it before ordering from one of the participants. You will then receive the specified price advantage and a signature.
The light trail can only be used once per location.
It is always the cheapest main course/coffee/cake that is free.
Other rules apply in shops, e.g. percentage discount.
The book is valid from and including 01/12/2021 to 31/12/2022 with the exception of public holidays. There must be 2 people to obtain the price advantage, unless otherwise stated.

For the record:

All participants in the Light Trail have undertaken to offer the aforementioned price advantage. We are not responsible for cases where the participant does not, or can, keep the agreement (e.g. in the event of bankruptcy).

We are not responsible for errors or omissions on the part of the participants, as well as any discrepancies in the description of these.
Lysløypa is protected in its entirety by copyright. With the exception of special permissions, no part of the book may be distributed or reproduced without the publisher's written permission.


Feel free to send us an email with rice and praise to

Enjoy yourself!