• Mann som spiser burger i restauranten Royal Burger og Gin i Bergen
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    25% discount on up to 4 burgers + fries*

    Text: Ida Frisch

    Photo: Pål Høyde

    You can feel it when you sink your teeth into the meat, how the cheese is warm but not too scorching hot, the bread gently cradling it all on the sides. And between the bread and the meat, homemade dressing, maybe something spicy. It's like a giant hug for your body and soul. I mean it. I believe burgers can rescue any bad day.

    At Royal Gourmetburger and Gin, brace yourself, you get locally sourced meat from Fana Kjøtt, house-baked burger buns, homemade dressings and carefully selected gins on the drinks menu. Bring your friends, perhaps one or three! 

    Royal has been around for 10 years, and with beer from 7 Fjell and coffee from Bergen Kaffebrenneri, there's no reason why the place shouldn't continue to capture the hearts of Bergen for another decade.

    No matter what people do in this world, you can feel it when it's done with the heart. Whether it's burgers, peace agreements, or parenting. When done right, it hits you right in the heart!

    *The offer is valid in the restaurant, not for take-away

    Address: Neumannsgate 2A