• Kvinne spiser kake bak et stort bord med servering av bakevarer, syltetøy og blomster i kafeen Oslo Raw
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book: 

    2 slices of cake and 2 hot chocolates at half price

    Text: Editorial Team

    Photo: Line Dammen

    Okay, before you read this, you need to sit down. Because at Oslo Raw, they claim to make vegan and raw cakes, free from gluten, dairy, and white sugar, that... hold on tight because here it comes: "make it possible to eat cakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner." Hallelujah!!!

    The owner, Tiril Refsum, drinks hot cocoa every morning, and she started Oslo Raw to introduce all of us to pleasure, nourishment, and everyday luxury. She believes that self-care, reflection, and presence - in small and big ways - are the medicine of life.

    Cakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner sound like a dream! But we have no doubt it's true, as all the products are carefully selected with a desire to strengthen the body and build a sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and the planet. We love it!! Cake, yes please!

    This turns what most of us have learned upside down. So maybe we now can go as far as rewriting world history?

    Address: Ullevålsveien 82 // Skovveien 16

    District: St. Hanshaugen og Frogner