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    Text: Editorial Team

    In a time when many would argue that children are overprotected, there may be an extra need for a place like Oslo Klatrepark in Grorud, where both children and adults can enjoy nature and climb trees - in a safe manner. Oslo Klatrepark aims to contribute to a healthier, more active, and exciting daily life for everyone, where one can test and develop one’s skills. 

    The goal here is to move from tree to tree using various techniques such as crawling, running, balancing, jumping, rolling, or swinging like Tarzan. The tracks have different levels of difficulty and height, so everyone can find a suitable challenge.

    Oslo Klatrepark aims to minimize its impact on nature and has therefore built the entire park without drilling into the trees! We love that! Kudos to the trees and everyone who preserves them.

    See you there? Together we can reach new heights, right?

    Address: Trondheimsveien 644

    District: Grorud