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    Text: Christina Skreiberg

    Alright! Many of us apply facial creams in the morning and evening… the global cosmetics industry is a billion-dollar business. Many of us also practice yoga, we stretch and move our bodies (which is great), but have you ever considered putting in some effort to exercise your face? Or giving your face a massage? Well, that's what Agata Foryszewska thought when she embarked on her yoga teacher training, and facial yoga was part of the curriculum. She realized that she had a good grasp of the anatomy of the body, but the muscles in the face was new territory. She became certified in Kobido – a traditional Japanese facial massage that has been practiced for centuries. It's known for its relaxing and revitalizing effects on the skin and facial muscles.

    Kobido is popular in Asia but remains relatively unknown in Norway. That's something we’re happy to change, cause when I layed on Agata's bench and experienced a face massage for the first time in my life, I thanked the Japanese ancestors.

    Address: Uranienborgveien 25

    District: Frogner