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    Text: Ida Frisch

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    Mindfulness with Mads is a small meditation studio located at St. Hanshaugen, Oslo. 

    It is run by, yes, you guessed it - Mads.

    Mads wants people to come to his studio to learn and practice meditation. It's a place where - listen carefully now - NOTHING is expected of you. Nothing needs to be fixed or done. You can simply take a breath and experience the craziness of being a human on a planet spinning through space. Maybe you'll feel good, or maybe you'll just think about how much your leg itches. 

    Mads offers both beginner and advanced mindfulness courses, and we applaud the existence of a place in the city that is the opposite of screen addiction, time pressure, beauty standards, or anything else that might stress you out.

    Just as you are.
    And hey, that old cliché is there because it's true: be the change you want to see in the world. One breath at a time.

    Address: Fougstads gt 5C

    District: St. Hanshaugen