• Mela kafé med med bord og stoler, store vinduer og koselig interiør. Servering av tradisjonsmat med inspirasjon fra det palestinske, libanesiske og syriske kjøkken
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    2 dished for the price of 1

    Text: Hedda E. Gray Lægreid 

    Photo: Amer Shoker

    «Taking food alone tends to make one hard and coarse. It is only in company that eating is done justice.» - Walter Benjamin

    Okay, Benjamin, you certainly have a point. It sounds poetic to me, but let's not underestimate the joy of enjoying a meal alone either, just to be clear. However, there is something about gathering around the table filled with all sorts of dishes, flavors, aromas, and countless outstretched, eager hands in search of the next big taste explosion - and maybe a hand to hold? 

    Conversations, exchange of ideas, laughter, and discussions - with food between the teeth. Mezah is made for large gatherings with both familiar and unfamiliar faces around the table. At Mela Café, you can indulge in traditional cuisine inspired by Palestinian, Lebanese, and Syrian kitchens. Baba Ganoush, muhammara, and dolma; all dishes are meant to be shared. Listen up: forget about the dull energy bar you eat while standing by the kitchen counter. Take a seat, settle in, and let the food and conversation flow!

    Address: Mariboes gate 8

    District: St. Hanshaugen