• Inngangen til Juret, med gjester og servering av øl og vin med levende musikk eller vinylsplater.
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    2 non-alcoholic drinks and 2 snacks for the price of 1

    Text: Hedda E. Gray Lægreid 

    Photo: Per Asbjørn Risnes 

    Two writers, a film producer, and an architect walk into a bar. It's empty. The bar, which is actually not a bar but a café selling juice, smoothies, and coffee, has gone out of business. The four friends look at each other, then up at the sign with the name of the place. They chuckle; after years of doing bar pop-ups, they know the drill. They roll up their sleeves and get to work, rearranging the letters, thinking, doodling, until they end up with a masterpiece: JURET. 

    Reuse suits the guys well. Together, they set up two turntables, play records, pour beer, wine, and take their place behind the bar. You can find this independent neighborhood bar at Vikaterrassen. Visit for natural wine, beer, coffee, and music — either from vinyl or live musicians. Sit inside or outside, sway to the music, and grab a cool sticker as a souvenir from an unforgettable evening.

    Address: Vika Terrasse, Ruseløkkveien 3

    District: Sentrum og Frogner