• Glassiglo fra Hvilepust omringet av trær i måneskinn
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    Text: Ida Frisch

    Oh, look, a shooting star. Mmm, wind in the trees. Cozy duvet. Okay, goodnight then.

    Falling asleep to moonlight and waking up to sunrise. In a glass igloo in the forest. Completely alone, completely tranquil. No beeping computers, trams, or rush-hour traffic. Just forest, rocks, ants, freckles, bonfires, and a resting pulse at Hvilepust. 

    Hvilepust welcome you to glamp at several of their locations around Oslo. Some of the igloos are even accessible by public transportation! 

    The igloos are built with inspiration from Nordic design, providing a strong connection to the surrounding nature. The glass igloos are recyclable and built on stilts, leaving a minimal footprint in the forest. But a visit to Hvilepust can leave a significant mark on your soul, giving you more tranquility, more adventure, and a closer connection to the nature around us.