• Kvinne flyter i salt vann hos Floating Oslo
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book: 

    50% off float for up to two people

    Text: Ida Frisch

    Okay, this is what you do: You enter Floating Oslo, meet an incredibly friendly guy from Scotland, tell him you've come to float, and he takes you into the room where it all happens. In there, you see a sort of spaceship-like egg filled with super salty water. That egg is all yours! 

    You float like a little bobble, and once the lid has closed around you, the music has dimmed, and the lights are turned off, you're completely in your own world. Just you. And here, you can stay for almost an hour! Thoughts float, you float, the world feels both distant and close at the same time. Research shows that float tanks can improve sleep, help muscles relax, and reduce anxiety and worries from your immediate consciousness. There are also rumors that parents with small children can benefit enormously from an hour where NO ONE can disturb them. 

    We're so lucky to have people in Oslo who have a tank available just for you!

    Happy floating. It's okay to fall asleep.


    Address: Uranienborgveien 25

    District: Frogner