• Gul bygning med inngang til Farine bakeri og spiseri
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    2 coffees and 2 pastries for the price of 1

    Text: Hedda E. Gray Lægreid

    Photo: Christina Skreiberg

    Stand with your back to Kampen Church, look to the left, where the blue whale taunts along the yellow wall - there, people also slither around the corner like creeping ivy up the walls. Hungry, with a longing gaze they are all waiting to dive into Oslo's best cardamom bun. Salt, sweet, and sour flavors ooze from the walls - there is a new lover in town - a master in the game of temptation.

    Kampen has always harbored various rogues and rascals, but now it is primarily the food that captivates you. Andrea Marambio and Laura Raubaite have filled the yellow house in Kampen with soul and food that warms your heart. The bakery and eatery focus on green food and locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Savory food, sweet treats, coffee, beer, and wine - the place fills to the brim every single day. And when the sun shines like a crispy fried egg yolk from Horgen Gård, the outdoor seating area buzzes with life.

    Address: Normannsgata 44

    District: Gamle Oslo