• Trebygg med Inngang til Cornerteatret, med sykkelstativ, benker og gressflate
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    40% off on up to 2 tickets*

    Tekst: Ida Frisch

    It's strange to think about what different houses are filled with, over the course of history. Take Cornerteateret. It started as a shipyard in the late 1800s. The house was filled with the sound of clanging ironwork, strong shipyard workers, coffee breaks, and engineers. Ship after ship was sent out on the fjord. Until it stood empty. And then it became sad and dilapidated.

    Until the house received a new look and new people! This year marks ten years since Cornerteateret, located in the charming neighborhood of Møhlenpris, opened its doors, hosting theater, concerts, lectures, good food and drinks. The sound of iron has been replaced with quick-witted lines, stage curtains that glide aside – and an opportunity to come together in the darkness and experience performing arts. We applaud all small and large institutions that keep the wheels turning to enrich the cultural scene in Bergen.

    Welcome into the theater darkness at Cornerteateret!

    *The offer is valid for events organized by Cornerteateret (use promocode, book on website). Cornerhagen is included in the offer - for those tickets, please email: post@cornerteateret.no"

    Address: Kong Christian Frederiks Plass 4