• Grønne kino stoler fra Cinemateket i Bergen
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    2 tickets for the price of 1

    Text: Ole Refsnes

    Even though Netflix, HBO Nordic, and god knows what else have made the movie selection from the comfort of your couch boundless, the old adage still stands: Movies are best experienced in the cinema!

    Cinemateket in Bergen is your new, old favorite cinema – a place where anyone who wants to can explore essential film history, and where one of the projectionists, Daniel, has been showing analog films since he was a child!

    Cinemateket has the honor (and duty) to screen films in their original format to preserve and present film history at its finest. Cinemateket offers you experiences and fond memories, not another thing to put on your mantelpiece (unless you win an Oscar after being inspired to become a filmmaker).

    Get in touch to pre-order tickets: embla@cinemateketbergen.no

    Address: USF Verftet Georgernes Verft 12