• Et bygg med inngang til BRGN Concept Store som selger kvalitets regnklær
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    30% off coffee and a choice of cake

    Tekst: Ida Frisch

    Genius ideas often arise from specific needs that aren't being met and great minds coming together. Like the ladies behind BRGN. When you come from the fashion world, move to Norway's wettest city, and can't find stylish rainwear that keeps you both fashionable and dry – that's when it becomes clear: an idea is born.

    BRGN's clothes are waterproof, timeless and flattering. They are also part of a more timeless fashion landscape – and a great contribution to the concept of slow fashion: with good quality, more sustainable production, and a focus on versatile use, the price you pay for a BRGN jacket will be significantly lower than if you were to have a hundred and forty different jackets for various purposes. In addition, they offer repair services.

    You can also enjoy pastries, soup, and homemade cake in their lovely bistro, while sipping on delicious coffee from Jacu Coffee Roastery.

    Address: Strømgaten 4