• Fargerik restaurant i Bergen som serverer mat fra Yunnan, en provins i Kina
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    Text: Ida Frisch

    Photo: Anne-Line Nygaard

    Banzha' is slang for “fantastic” in Yunnan, a Chinese province that borders with Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar (Burma). The folks behind Banzha have brought the rich flavors of their world to rainy Bergen to delight your taste buds. Rich broths and noodles, homemade warm bao buns, fermented small dishes, cold light beer… It's probably raining outside, but nothing matters because the menu at Banzha is large, and you can spend time travelling to China, right here at your table. 

    One of the brains behind Banzha is from the region, and is mixing traditional with innovative dishes. We love the complex flavor profile at Banzha and are delighted that the world has come to the West Coast. I think Bergen drew a lucky fortune cookie, and inside it said, 'Congratulations! Banzha is coming to you. Visit them often. They come with love and great recipes.'"

    Address: Neumanns gate 28