• Koselig lokale med skråtak og store vinduer hos Factorty Tøyen og Yoga med Christina
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    Half price on max two classes

    Text: Redaksjonen 

    When yoga came to Norway, introduced by Hollywood stars and alternative souls, many thought it was just another hippie thing that would quickly fade away. It was seen as something mystical, with incense, candles, and humming mantras.

    And sure enough, you are greeted with candles and a hint of incense or essential oils when you attend Christina's classes, but you are quickly reassured that these classes are for EVERYONE! Even for those of yu who are super stressed, lacking inner peace, or are as stiff as a yoga block. Come with what you have!

    Turn your gaze towards the old factory building at Tøyen, head up to the fourth floor, enter a room that looks like an office, but go to the right and step into a yoga room: wooden floors, loft windows, and soft lighting.

    After the class, all yogis can work for free in the open office space (the one you saw on your way in) for the rest of the day. Happy body ready for a day of work!

    PS: There are only classes on Thursday mornings, at 07:30-08:30 AM and 09:00-10:00 AM.

    Address: Kjølberggata 21

    District: Gamle Oslo