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    Text: Hedda E. Gray Lægreid

    Photo: Marie Lyster Hoff

    Allow me to make a stupid pun: It's completely "FABRICulous" how much clothing we buy (barely use) and throw away. The fashion industry is the world's second most polluting industry. Every year, thousands of tons of clothing end up in the fashion industry's graveyard in a desert in Chile—and it's toxic. Yet, we continue to buy; the temptations are everywhere, and the market forces are strong. 

    That's why it's heartwarming (and absolutely fitting) that FJONG urges you to calm down significantly - but in a sexy, sustainable way. When you're standing there dripping wet after a shower, trying to figure out what to wear, open your closet and find NOTHING, remember this: FJONG is just a click away. Quality clothes, accessories, and bags. "New" and fresh, but only for rent—so you can change your wardrobe monthly without harming the planet. It's simply fashionable!