• Kvinne maler på keramikk fra verkstedet Spinnvill Keramikk
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    Text: Ida Frisch

    I'm still curious about how someone came up with the idea of making things out of clay. There must have been something very primal about it all. Digging something out of the ground, shaping it, drying it, and eventually firing it. Carrying water, wine, food back home. As the aesthetic sense in us humans expanded, glaze, pottery wheels, vase openings, and funky handles emerged. Regardless of the techniques, the joy of shaping something with one's own hands remains the same. 

    At Spinnvill Ceramics, you can learn from skilled instructors, and the cup you eventually take home may not be perfect, but damn - it's shaped by your own hands. Bring your friends, create something together, and next time you meet can toast in wine, hot cocoa, or Farris with your very own mugs. The Spinnvill ladies, the women running the place, believe that ceramics should be accessible to as many people as possible. 

    Including you. 

    PS: We lure you outside city centers, out of Oslo, and all the way to Jar!

    Address: Vollsveien 76

    Outside of Oslo!