•  La Belle Flør Café & Planter, frodig kafé, både vegansk og glutenfri servering - omringet av planter og koselig interiør
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    Text: Editorial Team

    La Belle Flør Café & Planter is a lush café where you can relax with a coffee or a bite to eat - both vegan and gluten-free options - surrounded by plants. The best part is that if you need a gift or fall in love with a plant, perhaps a monstera, or the pot it's in, you can buy it and take it home with you. They even have a floral decorator on-site, so if you need a bouquet composed for any occasion, this is the place for you.

    The people behind this beautiful combination of café and flower shop are passionate about the environment, health, and sustainability. They have a good selection of vegan products and strive to avoid the use of any form of plastic. Only biodegradable or reusable materials are used. 

    Both nature and you are well taken care of by the cheerful team at La Belle Flør.

    Address: Ullevålsveien 1

    Disrtrict: St. Hanshaugen