• Gjester rundt et bord i lokalet til Hos Arne - et galleri, kulturhus, salong og et felles rom for byens mennesker.
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    Text: Ida Frisch

    Photo: Malin Westermann

    At Rodeløkka, a place behind the chocolate factory and the scent of sweets, there is a rather inconspicuous brick building. And behind a rather inconspicuous door, you will find one of Oslo's finest oases; Hos Arne. Gallery, cultural center, salon, and a common space for the city's people. You may be wondering who Arne is - it is Arne Næss they have been inspired by, and in Arne's spirit, they run the place with the pillars of democracy, dialogue, deep ecology, and playfulness. Moreover, everyone can leave their prejudices at the door along with their shoes, and step into a warm living room with open arms, new thoughts and acquaintances.

    Hos Arne is a place where the boundary between stage and audience blurs, and where the conversations around the long table become a collective dialogue. It doesn't really matter who is sitting around the table and who is listening. We are there together. In the same room, sharing the same air and the same questions about humanity, the world and art.

    Welcome to the grand living room you've been missing in the city you love, welcome to Hos Arne.

    Address: Gøteborggata 27B

    District: Grünerløkka