• Gjester sitter rundt bord med betongvegger og trepilarer på Wilder Kitchen i Oslo
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    Two tickets for the price of one

    Text: Christina Skreiberg

    Want to learn what you can create from the wild and beautiful ingredients that grow in free nature? And discover how they can benefit your health? Chef Rebecca Hawkes is the driving force behind Wilder Kitchen, where she inspires you and me to craft creative plant-based cuisine – to minimize food waste and to ensure that healthy plant-based meals can be prepared even on a tight budget. 

    Additionally, we warmly recommend her monthly donation-based café, the Wilder Kitchen Human Kind Project, in the community garden at Losæter, located in the heart of Oslo. It takes place on the second Sunday of each month. A buffet of plant-based food is served, the project operate with a "pay what you can" model, so that anyone may have access to the events and those who can pay, they help sustain the project. Show up, meet new people, and explore new flavors!

    Book via the website, inform that you have Lysløypa, bring a friend for free, and remember to bring your book!