• Gult bygg med inngangog uteservering  til Løvetann Kafé bistro i Bergen
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    2x coffee and pastries for the price of 1

    Tekst: Ida Frisch

    The little gem, Café Løvetann, is a playful place, even though it is located in one of Bergen's oldest neighborhoods. The cafe is a cornerstone of the community, collaborating with local organizations and neighbors, and offering outdoor cinema, quizzes, and other events. Løvetann focuses on excellent vegan and vegetarian food but also serves delicious meat- or fish-based dishes. All animals and vegetables are carefully selected from local producers – you can taste the difference!

    You can watch the evening unfold while enjoying a hot soup, a soft carrot cake, or a crispy cookie. The menu is ever-changing, so spending plenty of time there, preferably hungry, is a must! Cheers to the neighborhood!

    Address: Klosteret 16