• Kvinne holder antikk vase fra gjenbruksbutikken Fretex i universitetsgata i Oslo
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    25% off any chosen used item for up to 2 people

    Text: Ida Frisch

    Photo: Birgitte Glette

    Arkivet is a wonderful thing. The store is set up like an ordinary clothing store but filled with beautiful, unique treasures that can inspire you to choose second-hand items instead of contributing to consumerism in chain stores. Aunt Turid's old hats, 90s clothes, and vintage fur coats, everything can find new life in someone else's hands - and perhaps in yours. Additionally, ten percent of the proceeds from second-hand sales go directly to social causes, such as providing holiday opportunities for vulnerable families, distributing food and clothing, and creating meeting places where people can strengthen their belief in themselves and the future. 

    Speaking of the future, the UN climate report shows that our environmental choices are important. That's why it's actually important that you choose a second-hand bag instead of a new one or redesign an oversized jacket into your new, unique favorite garment. We welcome you to the fashion of nostalgia, to new styles and colors that you suddenly get to experience, love, and give a whole new life to.

    Address: Universitetsgata 20

    District: Sentrum