• Vindu inn til Det Gule hus,  hvor moderne delingsøkonomi står i fokus
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    25% off rental of sales-stand

    Text: Ida Frisch

    Alright, someone here gets it! Norway is a land of overconsumers. Not because we're necessarily mean or greedy, but because there isn't a particularly good system for doing things differently. How do you sell your stuff without leaving them in a box waiting to be sold on Finn.no? 

    Det Gule Hus has created an awesome alternative, focusing on modern sharing economy. The best thing about concepts like Det Gule Hus is that it's suddenly not just about things anymore. People and stuff and neighborhoods can come together for a common project – sell their old treasures, become part of a local community, and engage in a new economy that's better for the planet and our social, creative, and economic lives. Welcome to Det Gule Hus and their wonderful addition to a world where things are allowed to travel from person to person, and not just end up in a box or in the basement. 

    Book your stand (well, it isn't actually a stand, as your clothes will be placed around in the store) by simply showing up at the store! Have fun, treasure hunters!

    Address: Bjørnsonsgate 28