• Mennesker som gjør fjell yoga i solnedgang med utsikt over Bergen
  • For you who have the Lysløypa-book:

    Pay for 1, bring up to 2 friends 

    Text: Ida Frisch

    The language of yoga is Sanskrit, and yoga means to «unite».Like how you unite body and soul when you're mindful of your breath and movements. Like how you accept the moment you're in, without fancy lights, fancy workout gear, and a 'look at me' culture. At Fløyen and Ulriken, you can bring your body and practice yoga outdoors, with the sky as your roof and the earth as your mat. The concept started 10 years ago and is run by Kine Solend, who has won several awards, including 'Norske helter' (Norwegian Heroes) and 'Bergens tøffeste jente' (Bergen's Toughest Girl)!

    (And yes, you can absolutely do yoga in the rain!). You can also do yoga in sunshine, on warm days, with tourists as your audience, and when you're feeling a bit tired. Come as you are and experience the joy of moving in nature, with your body - which is also nature. So, you can unite, your body and you, just as the ancient yogis. Plus, it's a wonderful opportunity to see your city from a different perspective and with a different lens.

    Pay for one, bring two friends! Booking and payment via Vipps 636475. Welcome to Bergen Fjellyoga!

    Address: Fløyen / Ulriken

    Rabattkode: LYSLOYPA3FOR1